The Grift!

Hallie is currently finishing up a run as a Swing in The Grift at The Lafayette Hotel as part of The La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls Festival. The show is written and directed by Tom Salamon, the creator of the acclaimed Accomplice productions which ran in New York, London and Hollywood (produced in collaboration with Neil Patrick Harris).

Here's a bit of info about the show from The La Jolla Playhouse website:

"[...]THE GRIFT at the Lafayette Hotel is a world-premiere, immersive theatre piece which takes audiences on a participatory journey through the extraordinary rooms and spaces of this expansive, 1940s-era landmark. They are introduced to Ben, who, under mysterious circumstances, lived his entire life at the hotel. Having found an unlikely mentor in a traveling con-man who was a frequent guest at the hotel, Ben’s last wish is to enlist the audience’s help to execute one final, giant swindle. Like the three-time-extended ACCOMPLICE: San Diego, this thrilling new show is part game, part drama as patrons learn the art of the con in a unique immersive theatrical experience."

Hallie is covering several roles in the show, but has most commonly gone on as The Bartender's Granddaughter.

The show runs until March 22nd, so there's still time to check it out!